Clare Beauty

(Photo courtesy of Annie’s)
Even though I designed and crocheted this sweater several years ago it is still available as an instant digital download from Annie’s Catalog here (or click any image here to purchase the pattern through my affiliate link).
This design features 2 large flower-like decorative knots.  (The model above is actually wearing the back on the front for this photo showing the versatility of the sweater.)
The original design had 9 decorative knots in it – some can be seen in the photo below when it hung in the “Winners’ Circle” of the CGOA 2013 Design Competition (for earning 2nd place in the Fashion Category) – so to make it simpler, the Clare Beauty has just the two main knots woven in a beautiful blue (like the original).
(Photo courtesy of Susan Lowman)
Unlike the original, the knot on the front is much larger and even from a distance, its intricacies can be noticed as shown in the photo below.
I loved creating this design – the blue of the yarn reminded me of the rivers and lakes in Ireland.  I even wove the knots while sitting by a beautiful lake near my home.

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3 thoughts on “Clare Beauty

  1. Congratulations on your award winning design!!

    I also love blue – almost any shade! This shade is really beautiful! I have crocheted off and on for the last 50 years and have never heard of "knotting". Would love to learn!!

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