Beach Pebble Pendants

I love to walk along the ocean before the summer heat begins and look for shells, rocks and tidal pool creatures.  Beachcombing feels like my own little treasure hunt and makes me feel like a kid again.  Every summer I collect a few ‘treasures’ in hopes to make them into something when I get home – jewelry, ornament for the garden, mosaic – but often they are forgotten when the reality of ‘adult life’ sinks back in.
So, for this summer I finally used some of my beach finds – perfectly smooth little rocks that must have spent thousands of hours in the ‘washing machine’ of the surf making unique music as they rolled across other stones on the shoreline – and turned them into these necklaces.
You can find the pattern in the June issue of Crochet World. 
 I used a small steel hook and Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread (size 10).  They work up very quickly and would be a fun project to do at the beach!  I think they would look great with some beads added to the necklace or some gems glued to the pendants.

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