Clare Beauty

(Photo courtesy of Annie’s) Clare Beauty   Crochet! magazine – Autumn 2014     Now the instructions to a simpler version of my prize-winning Connemara Beauty design are available on newsstands or at     This design features 2 large flower-like decorative knots.  (The model above is actually wearing the back on the front for this photo showing the versatility of the sweater.)  Tips and photos for how to weave the intricate knot are found on the page to[Read more]

Beach Pebble Pendants

  I love to walk along the ocean before the summer heat begins and look for shells, rocks and tidal pool creatures.  Beachcombing feels like my own little treasure hunt and makes me feel like a kid again.  Every summer I collect a few ‘treasures’ in hopes to make them into something when I get home – jewelry, ornament for the garden, mosaic – but often they are forgotten when the reality of ‘adult life’ sinks back in.   So, for this[Read more]

Lamb Vest – Crochet Today!

  I enjoyed designing this cute little hoodie.  It is made out of Red Heart’s Buttercup yarn – which is ‘super soft’ but can make it very hard to see your stitches.  So, all stitches are made in between the stitches below (since the stitch loops are impossible to see through the fuzzy yarn).  It works up very quickly and would be nice in other colors for other animals.  All you would need to do is change the shape of the ears[Read more]

CGOA 20th Anniversary – Special Yarn Bomb!

  The Crochet Guild of America is turning 20 this year and we are going to celebrate!   This summer on July 23 – 27th the Knit and Crochet Show will be in Manchester, NH.  We plan to cover the hotel and courtyard in knitted and crocheted squares  (Yarn bomb-style) in honor of CGOA’s milestone.   CGOA is a wonderful organization filled with valuable resources for crocheters and talented people for friendships!  I have attended many of their events at the[Read more]