Pretty in Pink Rug

Pretty in Pink Rug
made with Red Heart Vivid

Last May I designed and implemented a large community yarn art project.  Red Heart Yarns very generously donated hooks and brightly colored yarn to our project.  (You can see photos of the project on the page to the left)

That was the first time I had worked with the Vivid yarn and I loved working with it.  It is a great yarn for kids to learn how to finger chain and it is wonderful when creating large pieces for a yarn bomb.(Download a free pattern here  for our “Yarn Bomb Blossoms” using Vivid yarn)

Since we had some extra in our house to experiment with, one of my daughters grabbed a large hook and created her own chunky circle rug which she now has  in her room.  It looks great!

My daughter inspired me to create my own version shown above. It is super soft, bright and works up quickly.

You can find the pattern for FREE here.

A couple pattern notes:
This pattern uses very thick yarn and a large hook – this can be hard on sore hands. You may need to work just one round a day/sitting if you suffer from hand pain or arthritis.

This rug is intended to go over carpeting – if you want to have it on a hardwood/smooth floor, it is safest to add a non-slid backing on the wrong side.

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