Christmas Gift Designs in Crochet Today!

When it comes to making Christmas gifts for friends and family, are you like me? You become inspired late in the fall to crochet something for everyone only to realize that time is short, you need to change your plans and find smaller projects to make?  (And then, of course, you vow that you’ll start earlier next year?)

Well, here I am late in posting about my 3 designs in Crochet Today’s Nov/Dec 2013 Issue but realizing that they are great small projects to make.  (Good news is that even though this issue may not be in the newsstands, you can find it here in hard copy or digital form.)

Here are the projects:

Comet Cat Collars

These would be great for a small dog, too or even as bracelets for friends or children.

Prancer Sweater

This was fun to make and I used my own little dog as a model. Here she is:
And lastly there are the Dasher Gloves that can be made in your guy’s favorite team colors.
“Cro-Shayley” recently posted a great photo tutorial on how she made these gloves and you can see that here via Red Heart’s website.

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One thought on “Christmas Gift Designs in Crochet Today!

  1. I have a question, is it possible to get the pattern of the prancer sweater without ordéring the magazine? I tried to download it but I don't have a credit card so I can't order it. I would love to make one for my little princess doxie Sueme 🙂 I hope it is possible to pay by paypal 🙂 please let me know by email thank you 🙂

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