I Love Yarn Day!

I love yarn so I decided to celebrate by installing some new yarn graffiti overlooking a beautiful river over which I often ride my bike. (see photo to the right)

I made it in these colors as a tribute to the military men and women who serve, sacrifice and give their lives to protect our freedom.

How are you going to celebrate?

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2 thoughts on “I Love Yarn Day!

  1. Thank you for your info. I will look into it. As far as I know, this 'I Love Yarn Day' is mainly an American thing so this is the day we celebrate here. No matter the day, I hope you find time to have fun with yarn often!

  2. http://www.journee-mondiale-du-tricot.com/
    the world yarn day exist since 2006 in teb whole world…and is international, and is real. No need to create two yarn days in a year…it is imitation…

    in this link you can see geographically which countrys have celebrated the world knitting crochet day in the world….just join them it happens in juin every year…. do not ignore me ,I have allready wrote to you.
    Merci FleurBelge

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