Yarn in the Yard (A Yarn Bomb for the Currier Museum of Art)

Well, our Yarn Bomb project has finally come to an end.  After it being on display outdoors for about a week, select pieces were hung inside the museum for almost 2 months.  It took many people to make our project a success so over the next few weeks I will be highlighting them and their contributions.

Above I am installing a very long “scarf” for the Welcome Sign at the front door of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.  My youngest is helping by holding all of the cable ties I used to temporarily secure it.

This is Heidi (on the right) who coordinated the entire Art Fest event on Mother’s Day weekend.  She did a great job organizing the event, gathering people to help out and promoting our Yarn Bomb project.  Becky (on the left) also put in a lot of time and effort with our Yarn Bomb.  I appreciated their help installing all of the pieces outdoors.
Here are Nelson and Mike – they worked hard on a very hot day to install all of the pieces that were high up on the lamp poles and large signs.  They did a great job and as you can see, all with a smile and positive attitude.
This is Sarah with one of my daughters.  Not only did she help install the pieces but she also hung out with my daughters while I installed other pieces next to the busy road.  Sarah was the one who suggested having a yarn bomb be a part of the event in the first place. 🙂 Thanks, Sarah!

This is Korrena knitting away in our tent.  She knit a large piece for the project, helped install several pieces and worked in the tent with us for the entire weekend.  (More photos of her and her piece will be coming.)

Thank you to all who worked hard on the Art Fest and Yarn Bomb project.  It takes many talented and hard-working people to make a community art project a success.

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