Crochet Today! – July/August Issue – Spare Tire Cozy

The latest issue of Crochet Today! is on sale now.

It is filled with great summer projects.

I designed this Spare Tire Cozy found on page 60.

I really enjoyed creating and crocheting it.

Theresa Gonzalez, the chief editor at Crochet Today!, picked the great Red Heart Super Saver colors and then it was up to me to decide where they go!

I so enjoyed this design that I was wishing that I had my own spare tire on the back of my car to embellish.  But since I don’t have such a car, I came up with a fun variation.

To see that, visit the blog at Crochet Today! –

(Coming soon – a promised free pattern,”Yarn Bomb Blossoms” – stay tuned for info of where to download.)

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12 thoughts on “Crochet Today! – July/August Issue – Spare Tire Cozy

  1. Jennifer, my daughter has a jeep with an old crocheted cover that needs replacing. If you could send me a link to the pattern, I’d love to give it a try.

  2. My daughter requested a tire cozy from your pattern. I have not been able to find the pattern any where. Can you share some information on where or how I can find the actual pattern. Thank you

  3. Your pattern is LOVELY! Unfortunately I can’t find it posted anywhere! I would love to make one for my Jeep! Would you be able to help me? Thank so much!

    1. Hello! So glad you visited our blog and like the Tire Cozy project – it was one of my most favorite to design and crochet. Please send me an email and I can forward you the link to where you can find this pattern for free. jennifer at 🙂

  4. I used an H hook and you can use about and crochet thread doily pattern u like because using yarn grows it to about the right size then add enough rows of chain skip 2 stitches 3 double crochet around to equal tire width then add several more rows like 10 then either chain a cord or use parachute cord to gather it up behind the tire and u r done

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