Parent/Child Crochet Workshop

This Saturday I will be teaching a Parent/Child Crochet Workshop at our local art center.

The Art Center is a great place to learn how to do all kinds of artsy things: create a painting, make a sculpture, fashion metal jewelry, weave a wall-hanging, and even have a birthday party full of art fun!

I love yarn graffiti (yarn bombs) and enjoyed putting up some on the first floor to generate interest in the upcoming workshop.

This is my Butterfly Wrap ( on a statue near the front door.
This is a cup holder in one of the bathrooms. 🙂
Spring has still not arrived here so even the statue needs a shawl to keep out the winter chillies. Snow is coming again!
Who doesn’t love crocheted art?
I plan to hide more around the building on the day of the workshop.
Thank you to the Art Center directors who support and encourage art in its many forms – even yarn graffiti!

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