Rainbow Bike Basket

(Photos courtesy of Annie’s)

Crochet! magazine just published a special issue called :”Gifts to Go”
It has several great projects inside to take with you when you “crochet on the go”.

Here is my design from Page 55 – Rainbow Bike Basket:

I designed this while on vacation last summer.  I love the colors of the rainbow and thought it would be fun to have a project that not only can be “made on the go” but also then “taken on the road”!

My daughters love to ride their bikes when the weather is warm.  I enjoy taking a peek in their bike baskets to see what kind of treasures they store inside.  One day last summer my youngest had proudly toted cherries from a neighbor’s tree, her drink cup of juice and a play camera. 🙂

Perhaps if you get a chance to stitch up this cute project, the little girl who uses it will have many hours of fun toting her “stuffed friends” and more.

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