Fan Set – Crochet Today!

The next issue of Crochet Today! is out in stores.  It is the March/April issue – full of fun and colorful spring projects.

I have two designs in this issue – the Fan Finger and the Bleacher Cushion- photographed together in the “Fan Set.”

The Fan Finger was fun to create.  I enjoyed the challenge of adding all of the details and of making it sturdy enough to hold its unique shape.

I liked the effect of the self-striping Team Spirit Yarn by Red Heart for the Bleacher Cushion.
I think this project would be great for anyone to keep in their car and use whenever they need to sit on a hard seat for a prolonged time, not just at a ballgame. In fact, my students have used something like it when they sit in the chairs for crochet class. 🙂

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One thought on “Fan Set – Crochet Today!

  1. I think I could do this one for the seat in my old Land Rover Defender. It has sunk a bit at the back and I need to raise it up and have bought a wedge cushion which I have put into a cushion cover. A crochet one would look far better.

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