Homecoming Shrug

With every issue of Crochet Today! I enjoy looking through the magazine to see what all of the designers came up with.  I would love to make many of the designs but I have discovered that it is difficult to find the time to crochet “for fun” when I am busy working on designs to be published. Well, I really really liked the Homecoming Shrug (designed by Kristin Omdahl) in the Sept/Oct (2012) issue of Crochet Today! and I had never[Read more]

Fan Set – Crochet Today!

The next issue of Crochet Today! is out in stores.  It is the March/April issue – full of fun and colorful spring projects. I have two designs in this issue – the Fan Finger and the Bleacher Cushion- photographed together in the “Fan Set.” The Fan Finger was fun to create.  I enjoyed the challenge of adding all of the details and of making it sturdy enough to hold its unique shape. I liked the effect of the self-striping Team Spirit Yarn by[Read more]

Doggie Sweater

My sister has an adorable dachshund named Millie. Millie has a great personality and loves to go on walks. I saw this bright pink dog jacket and immediately thought of Millie. Of course, I had to embellish it with some flowers and Celtic Knots before I gave it to her. 🙂 This is one of my favorite things about crochet. It is easy to work up a quick motif to add to outfits – even ones for a cute little dog! Please follow[Read more]

Butterfly Wrap

While at the CGOA conference in Manchester, NH this past summer, I visited the Red Heart yarn booth.  All of the women there were very helpful – Amy, Donna and Kathleen. The Butterfly Wrap (designed by the Double Stitch Twins) was on display on a dress form and it caught my eye. Since then I have been planning to make it.  (You can find the free pattern here: http://www.redheart.com/search/apachesolr_search/butterfly%20wrap – Note that there is a correction posted with the pattern)  [Read more]


Today it is snowing and I am reminded of how beautiful snowflakes are. Each one is unique and intricate. Amazing! Here is our snowman one of my daughters created today. And here are some snowflakes I crocheted around Christmas.   These snowflake patterns are from the book, 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio. Lion Brand is featuring a handful of patterns from this book and offering them as free patterns on their website: www.lionbrand.com.   I receive the Lion Brand E-newsletter and[Read more]