Crochet Today – Jan/Feb 2013- Blue Note Scarf

The next issue of Crochet Today! has been out now for several weeks.

It is their 2nd annual Music Edition.

You can order this and other issues at
A subscription would make a great gift for any crocheter!

I was so pleased to find out that one of my designs made the cover- the Blue Note Scarf!

My daughter was the one to get the mail out of the mailbox that day and she came running inside, saying, “Mommy, your design made the cover!”

I had completed the design over the summer while we were on vacation.
The design uses common clothesline and basic crochet stitches.  I thought it would appeal to music lovers and music teachers to show their passion for performing and sharing music with others.

My love of music:
I love music and enjoyed coming up with this scarf.  My mother is an  opera singer and voice teacher.  As long as I can remember I listened to her teaching people to sing in our home.  I especially enjoyed watching her perform on stage.  She was great as Carmen and even took me on tour with her when I was a toddler.  When I was in high school, we performed in several concerts together and in the musical, “Kismet”.

My father has been the director of his church choir for a long time.  Every Christmas Eve we would celebrate the birth of Christ with a beautiful service of “Lessons and Carols”.  My dad is a funny director and gifted musician. He has a beautiful tenor voice.

I have sung soprano in a wide variety of choirs over the years – church, high school, college, and community.  In the past 10 – 15 years I have done more solo work, too singing for special events and even the National Anthem at our local Triple A ballpark.  This past summer my sister (who has a beautiful soprano voice) and I were able to sing a fun duet for my mom’s students’ recital.  Music is best when it is shared with others – whether performing or listening!

Every day my family and I listen to all kinds of music.  This time of year I love to listen and sing along to all of the Christmas music I have collected over the years.  Music is such a big part of our lives that I cannot imagine a day without it.

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4 thoughts on “Crochet Today – Jan/Feb 2013- Blue Note Scarf

    1. Hello Lisa –

      Your best bet for this scarf is looking for a past issue on Amazon or Ebay.

      Happy Crocheting!

  1. Hi, I saw this scarf for the first time today. I can't seem to find the crochet today site. I'd LOVE to make this for my daughter. She's a very accomplished flutist, who now teaches elementary music in a private school. It would be nice for her to wear when she teaches. Can I get a copy of the pattern from you? I haven't found it anywhere else. Please let me know… Thanks, Pat.

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