Glendalough Shrug

49 Glendalough Shrug

On Thursday night of the conference I attended the Design Competition Awards Ceremony.
I had entered 2 projects into the competition – I thought the prizes were very good and I thought it would be neat to have my projects on display in the Expo Center.  During the course of the well-executed ceremony, I was so pleased and surprised to see one of my projects coming up to the front to be recognized as the Second Place Winner in the Fashion Category!

Here is my short description of the Glendalough Shrug:
(I named it after a pretty little spot in Ireland where there are many stone Celtic Crosses decorated with all kinds of Celtic Knots. It is pronounced: “Glen-da-lock”)

The highlight of this design is the intricate decorative knot on the back. A fine yarn made of nylon and acrylic fibers was used to create a “crocheted-cord”. After this cord was carefully woven into the knot, it was then embellished with crochet stitches to transform it into the shrug shape. Other knots were added as trim along the back, sleeve and upper edges. Glass beads and crystal gems were also added as a finishing touch of sparkle.

Doris Chan has posted all the photos of the winning projects here:
I am honored to be called a winner with all of these other talented designers.

** Special thanks to Doris Chan, Shari White and other members of the Design Competition  Committee. Also, special thanks to KJ Hay (and her husband) for putting together a great slideshow of all the winners.

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14 thoughts on “Glendalough Shrug

  1. Oh, add me to the list of people wanting the pattern! This is absolutely breathtaking. Have you considered publishing a book of Celtic knotwork crochet projects? That would be a big hit, I bet.

  2. I love your crochet in celtic knots! My daughter-in-law is Scottish and her family name is traced back as official ancestors for the Hunterson Castle. I have to follow your instructions and learn this as my daughter-in-law and son would cherish it forever.

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