Crochet Today! – July/August Issue

The latest issue of Crochet Today is out in the stores and I would like to highlight the 2 designs I created for it.  First, is this Crabby Carry-all with matching Crabby Cap (found on page 50).  It was fun to design and crochet – everyone who saw the project in progress had to comment on how cute it looked.  I plan to teach a special workshop this summer on how to make this project.

The other design (another project for kids) is “Sea Turtle Floaties” (found on page 60) – A basic hexagon shape can be made into turtles. I created 3 different shell designs and came up with a way to make them float in the “ocean, bathtub or backyard pool”!

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5 thoughts on “Crochet Today! – July/August Issue

  1. Sea turtle pattern that floats – Hello from Athens Ga! I have Searched and searched for a sea turtle pattern from a magazine I bought a long time ago. I found it on Raverly! I was so excited because it led me here to you. I know there are tons of pattern for turtles… but I have fond memories of making this with a friend. I’ve dug and dug to find my Crochet Today Mag…. but it was probably lost in the move. How can I get a hold of those patterns for the three little turtles? Thanks!
    Niki Christenson

    1. Hello Niki –
      So glad you have fond memories of making these turtles.
      You may want to check Amazon for a past copy of the magazine.
      Also, check your Ravelry messages – I replied to you there, too. 🙂

  2. I made this for my little cousin for her trip to Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island. It was a huge hit! So many people stopped her & her mom to ask about the hat.

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