Science and Crochet

My daughters and I have been studying our Solar System this spring.  At the beginning of our studies, the book we are reading encouraged us to make a paper model of all the planets.  Well, that just wasn’t  interesting for us so . . . . we decided to crochet our models.

One of my daughters and I shared the task of crocheting the flat circles to make this model.  (We followed the sizing guide in our book.)  We enjoyed picking out yarn from our stash to match the color suggestions, working together and seeing the end result after hot gluing everything onto a fabric covered rectangle of cardboard.

My oldest daughter decided to make her planets 3-D.  She worked on her mobile for about 2 weeks.  She stuffed each planet with fiberfil and hung them from a thick wire frame with fishing line.  She still has plans to add some gold glitter to the large sun sphere on top.

As their homeschool teacher, I give them both an A+!

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