Ireland Forever

Now we are up to March and we all love St. Patrick’s Day in our house. To me it is so much more than just an excuse to visit the local bar! We spend the whole month celebrating the Irish culture by watching special shows about Ireland, listening to Irish music and dancing all around the house.

I love the idea of recycle crochet – you can crochet almost anything that can act like a rope or thread. I have always wanted to try to crochet with strips of old T-shirts. So the “luck of the Irish” inspired me and off I went preparing my “tarn” (T-shirts turned into yarn). I think it took longer to cut each men’s large T-shirt into one continuous 2″ strip than it did to crochet this basket/bowl in the colors of the Irish flag. By using a large hook and this thick “tarn”, it worked up very quickly.

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