Happy Independence Day!

I love the fourth of July. It’s the official start to summer and a great day to appreciate our freedom. It’s also a time to hear children playing in pools and a time to smell barbecues cooking. It’s a time to hear oohs and ahhs during the fireworks and a time to smell the sweet scent of fresh cut grass. It’s a time to relax with family and stay outside all day. And it’s a time to . . . . . .

add yarn graffiti to your property!
All across the world crocheters and knitters are adding yarn creations to their local landscape – sometimes at night and in secret and sometimes when commissioned by an area agency. The contrast of the soft textures of yarn and the hard edges of buildings makes one stop and stare and hopefully appreciate it’s unexpected beauty and warmth. This creative use of yarn is called “yarn bombing” or “yarn graffiti”. It intrigues me and has gotten my mind going with all sorts of neat ideas.
Here are a few of my ideas realized in honor of this fourth of July and in honor of the men and women who are working hard apart from their families and friends to keep us safe and free.

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