Classes begin successfully

We’ve had a great start to our crochet classes last week. How nice it was to meet some new women and see some returning students, too. In the Hooked on Crochet class we worked on SC and made a case for our crochet hooks for the first week. The second week we worked on DC and had the option to make a coffee cup cozy or a tissue packet cozy. Everyone is doing well. I am thinking about posting some photos of each project in case some students want to refer back to the image for help while they practice at home.

In the Squares Made with Care class we practiced two forms of the traditional Granny Square for week one. This past week we tried the “Checkerboard” pattern using DC and CHs. Already we have a good amount of squares to combine together to make a blanket. We are thinking about who the recipient should be. Again, I may post my photos of each square for the students.

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